Cabaret Love Rave

Supermarket, September 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

From 2009 to 2013, a small club called Cabaret on Geroldstreet 17 shaped Zurich’s nightlife. For one weekend last spring, the cabaret spirit was resurrected. “Cabaret is an attitude!” The result: a peaceful and over 30 hours hippie-esque rave full of love, an acid truck, a dreamy cocktail bar and the psychedelic main floor.

A smoky, warm and settle travel back in time, to an asian club from the 1940s. A 8×8 matrix of chinese lanterns over the dance floor, with 64 individually controlled vintage light bulbs.

The stage is made out of multiple layers of red curtains, with hidden led bars behind, creating depth, flanked by glowing chinese dragons. The lounge with bigger lanterns on eight light chains, adding more light bulbs to a stunning number of 128 in total.

Artist: Luise Langhoff
Crew: Cabaret Collective