Quest Festival

November 2017, Hanoi, Vietnam

Quest Festival is a 3-day celebration of music, arts, workshops, cinema, and performance set in stunning surrounds. Situated just outside of Hanoi, Quest Festival has been recognized as one of the most scenic festivals in the world. Each year Quests presents an eclectic lineup of over 100 emerging local and international musical acts across 4 handcrafted stages. Quest was born as a grassroots movement from experienced festival-goers wanting to bring the international concept and good vibes to our new home in Vietnam.

Based on a Vietnamese mythical bird. made out of 100 used pallets a few pieces of bamboo some sheets of plywood and a 1000 screws and nails later, there was that bird brought to life. In the backdrop of this creature, a sun made out of 16 led strips created a magic experience at night.

Project Lead: Phuong Le, Mark Harris
Artist: Lud Absolud
Crew: Alex Brown, Mario Bels, Guillaume Guim Gee, Sebastian Keusch